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ASUS K53 Battery

ASUS K53 Battery
ASUS K53 Battery
ASUS K53 Battery
ASUS K53 Battery
ASUS K53 Battery
  • Model: ASUS K53 Battery
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Asus K53 Battery

Color : Black Color

Voltage : 10.8 Volts

Capacity : 4400mah/5200amp

ASUS K53 Battery,K53, K53E, K53F, K43E

Revive your laptop battery life with a new ASUS K53 battery. You can expect about 3-5 hours of run time with this battery when new.

This Asus K53 battery is compatible with the Asus K53B, K53E, K53F, K53J, K53S, K53T and K53Z laptop models. It replaces the Asus A41-K53, A31-K53, A32-K53 and A42-K53 battery part numbers. Additional compatible models and part numbers are listed below. Don't see yours? Go to our Asus battery page for the complete list.

Our Asus K53 battery is designed specifically to meet the original Asus battery specifications and is individually tested and backed by a 2 Year warranty.

If your laptop has a 2600 mAh battery with a rating of 14.4 volts, you can still use this higher capacity battery which has a rating of 11.1 volts. Your AC power cord provides 19 volts of power from the wall, your laptop only needs 10-11 volts of power to run. The added voltage enables your laptop to run as well as have the battery recharge at the same time.

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